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President George Bush, Sr., First Lady Barbara Bush & Daughter Doro Visit
Click here to view "News Former President George H.W. Bush Healing Nicely After Fall" By David Sharp, Associated Press October 4, 2015 12:48 PM

Here are a few comments from Fox & Friends Facebook page

Susan Kanaley Frye Bentleys in Maine is a great biker bar. I bet Pres. Bush had a great time. I know I've always had a great time there.

Like · Reply · 1 · October 5 at 3:11pm


Jodi Crisera Kelly Bentley's is a well known, very popular place right near the Bush compound! Not what anyone would think of as a typical "Bike Bar"! The Bushes are well liked in the area and other than occasional haters (usually tourists) people are always excited to see them and the Bushes in turn, are extremely cordial and outgoing!

Like · Reply · 3 · October 5 at 3:05pm · Edited


This one is interesting - does this person think Bentley is Willie Nelson?  Not the first time, we've heard this….

Yoshi Yasui That's a great photo with Willie and your loved ones. Please get well soon and wish you the best.

Like · Reply · October 6 at 7:11am


Julia Hart Everyone has a big smile on their faces. Happy for you all and I am glad that Bentley's made it in the news.Krista was wearing one of your T-shirts on Saturday

Dana Klenotic Capels The owner of that bar is former USAC race driver Bentley Warren!

Like · Reply · October 5 at 7:39pm


Linley York Of course he would be in a Biker Bar! Love that guy!

Like · Reply · 1 · October 5 at 9:36am


Judy Carpenter Hope I can go to a bar when I am 91. Best wishes to him and family...

Like · Reply · 2 · October 5 at 7:29am


Donna Newell Holland Bentley's is indeed a biker bar, but the also have great food and welcome everyone. You don't need to be a biker to go there. They also host awesome bands. If you are ever in the area, give them a try!

Like · Reply · 5 · October 5 at 6:14am


Joe Howard Bentley's!

Like · Reply · October 5 at 11:10am


Maryellen Ayers truly cracks me up that The Bush's would even think of going to Bentley's....since it is a Biker joint !!!

Like · Reply · October 5 at 2:35pm


Toni Welnhofer 91 and still enjoys a cup of beer, thats all American!!

Like · Reply · October 5 at 12:07pm


Julie Darling Winkle I've been here to BENTLEY's!!

Like · Reply · October 5 at 9:58am



Elizabeth Ann Williams Terrio A biker bar! How cool is he?!!!!!

Like · Reply · October 5 at 1:57pm


Terry L Sweeny But did he have a cold frosty beer????

Like · Reply · October 5 at 7:41pm


Sandy Slater Barnaby Cool old folks go to biker bars!!!

Like · Reply · October 5 at 11:47am


Gwenda Oates A bikers bar!!! Has Barbara bought a Harley?

Like · Reply · October 5 at 9:06am


Mary Surdyke Berblinger Yay. A biker bar. These two really know how to live.

Like · Reply · October 5 at 10:29am


Mary Ann Lahan Know Bently's well!

Like · Reply · October 5 at 9:06am


Jeff Richards Good for him having a cold draft.

Like · Reply · October 5 at 10:13pm


Marion Gearhart cool - a biker bar - he is one cool dude!

Like · Reply · October 5 at 8:54am


Grace Thorne driven by several times...nice to see the inside...

Like · Reply · October 5 at 11:31pm


Debra Ebersole Such nice pictures, thanks for sharing

Like · Reply · October 6 at 12:30am


DaveandDi Deering Out bentleys on our 2016 summer schedule!

Like · Reply · October 5 at 6:56pm


Brian Sheridan The Best people go to Bentleys. Great food and entertainment.

Like · Reply · October 5 at 8:39am


Eric Thee Red Whats super awesome is the picture where he has 2 beers sitting in front of him. Guy can throw it back! Old guys rule!!

Like · Reply · October 5 at 10:06pm


Dody Salesky Roy hey Carolyn we went there remember??

Like · Reply · October 6 at 10:14am · Edited



Lisa JoEllen What?!?!?! I love Bentleys! I live an hour north of it. I wish I was there on that day frown emoticon what an amazing experience it would have been to meet him!

Like · Reply · October 5 at 10:14pm


Mark Wilson Great photos and great news! Barbara looks amazing!

Like · Reply · October 5 at 7:19am


John Denniston The Bar is owned by Bentley Warren one of the greatest short track racing drivers of all time, and an avid motorcycle rider.

Like · Reply · October 5 at 11:19am



Sheila Hume Harris They are having so much fun. Good for them.

Like · Reply · October 6 at 11:12am