Bentley's Saloon Sightings!


Have you or have you seen someone spotted in another state or country wearing a Bentley's Saloon tee, sweatshirt, hat, leather or seen a sticker? Since 2011, we've been collecting these photos and posting them in our photo gallery and highlighting one weekly in our newsletter. Our gallery contains more than 1,200 pictures! Bentley bought the front bar in 2004 and never dreamed it would turn into a destination place! The best is hearing the friendships developed when people meet each other for the first time when they spot someone else wearing a Bentley's tee! We appreciate the support! "Who has more fun than us? .... We do

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Crusin Night Tuesday Car Show July 2nd

We thought last Tuesday's show was spectacular! This week's was just as amazing. Superior cars and guests! 168 cars on display! Special thanks to our car show sponsors who donate raffle prizes - Nappi Distributors, NAPA Biddeford Auto Parts Store, Gear Wrench, Shields Meat Market, The Lobster Company, Dairy Queen Kennebunk, and Bentley's Gift Shop. At every car show we offer a cash raffle, and we donate a portion of car show cash raffle money to our Town of Arundel Holiday Program for the less fortunate. At this show we had 3 raffles to give away each at $110 and one to give to the town at $110. Year to date, we have $643 for the Town's Holiday Program! Each time a guest brings a car to display at our car shows, they receive a green raffle ticket for a chance to win a toolbox valued over $1000 thanks to Gear Wrench and our local NAPA Auto Parts Stores in Biddeford. Every week they also donate a bucket loaded with car cleaning supplies and accessories! The winning green ticket is drawn at our Season End Car Show on September 22nd.
Spectator Choice Awards: ---------- 1st place David Woolaver, 1979 Chevrolet Z28
2nd place Justin Schofield, 1996 Suzuki X-90. Justin donated 8 tickets to the Sanford Mainers Baseball Games on behalf of VIP Tires & Service in Sanford, Florida along with $20 off coupons for oil changes!
3rd place Tony Martin, 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible

All Era's Race Car Show June 19th 2024

Our first annual All Eras Race Car Show was June 2013! It's one of our favorite car shows because it's a reunion for all ages of race car drivers and friends!  This year Steve Perry with Mainely Karting and Archie St. Hilaire honored former track owner of Lee USA Speedway Red McDonald.  Also honored, Les Sanborn "The Rodfather" who was a huge supporter to the racing community and the saloon car shows.  He's dearly missed!

Another shout out of appreciation to Seymour Racing Team.  Bentley will be at the Boston Louie Seymour Memorial Race July 13, 2024!  No he's not racing!  He's supporting friends and Jake Trainor Racing.

So many stories shared and smiles!

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A poster for the annual biker rally.


Thank you to all riders who entered, the judges, our sponsors NNew England Motorcycle Groupand Budweiser, and Lewis Leonard for building the 'WTF" trophy and continued support of the show! Thanks to our spectators!  Congratulations to all the winners and to Troy Hogg who also won a $100 gift card for gas at Red Apple thanks to Budweiser!
Thank you Chris Brown with AAllen's Photographyfor the photos. More photos from the show are in an album.
BEST IN SHOW (Judge’s Choice) - $250 + Trophy
Jeff Moore 2005 Harley Road King
For all show classes each rider received:
FIRST IN CLASS - $150 + Trophy
SECOND IN CLASS - $50 + Trophy
• Antique – 1965 and before
1st place - Peter Grace, 1946 Indian Chief
2nd place - Troy Hogg, 1964 Yamaha YA1 125 Two Stroke
• Vintage – 1966 through 1990 (30 years or older)
1st place - Troy Hogg, 1969 Suzuki T500
2nd place - Bruce Thompson, 1968 Triumph Daytona SS T-100-R
• Manufactured Custom – Any Custom bike built by a franchised company, American Modified Stock or Metric Modified Stock with original engine, frame and front end.
1st place - Horshack, 2011 Harley Fatboy
2nd place - Robert Demario, 2005 Harley Fatboy Soft Tail
• Radical Custom – Builders’ Class. This includes any Custom, American Modified Stock or Metric Modified Stock motorcycle with major changes to engine, frame, front-end or fabrication. This class includes bike builders, one-offs, completely fabricated bikes and bikes with superchargers, blowers, NOS, etc.
1st place - Jeffrey Moore, 2005 Harley Road King
2nd place - Jerry Cristando, 2016 Harley Low Rider
• Race/Sport – Any performance-oriented street or race bike, includes hill climb bikes. Bike does not need to be “street” legal.
1st place - Troy Hogg, 2018 Kramer EVOII
2nd place - Vanessa Dunbar, 2005 Honda CBR 600RR
• Bagger – Includes all baggers, sport and touring. Bags (hard or soft) mandatory. Fairings optional.
1st place - Steve Boucher, 2020 Harley Road Glide
2nd place - Brett Schiebner, 2018 Harley Street Glide
• Big Wheel Bagger – Baggers that have a larger than stock front wheel. Includes modified frame that changes the rake of the front end.
1st place - Clyde Janvrin, 2009 Harley Road King
2nd place - David Caiabro, 2010 Harley Road Glide
• Sidecar and Trike
1st place - Mike Bala, 2024 Harley RG3
2nd place - Donna Clark, 2016 Harley Free Wheeler
• “WTF” – Unusual looking bikes, “art” or “rat” that run or don’t run.
Brian Carpentier, 1988 Pula Autocycle
Trophy built from Bentley's broken bike parts by Lewis Leonard, only exception for "ride-in", and Gift Card
BEST HANDMADE PARTS – Plaque & Gift Card from NNew England Motorcycle GroupClyde Janvrin, 2009 Harley Road King
BEST PAINT – Plaque & Gift Card from NNew England Motorcycle Group2nd place - David Caiabro, 2010 Harley Road Glide
BEST THEME - Plaque & Gift Card from NNew England Motorcycle Group1st place - Jeffrey Moore, 2005 Harley Road King
SPECTATOR’S CHOICE – $50 Bentley’s Gift Card, $50 New England Motorcycle Group Gift Card & a Braggin’ Rights Certificate
Clyde Janvrin, 2009 Harley Road King
FURTHEST AWAY - (actual home address as indicated on driver’s license) - $50 Bentley’s Gift Card & $50 New England Motorcycle Group Gift Card
Ray Turner, 2017 Harley Street Glide from Lake Havasu, Arizona
OLDEST RUNNING BIKE - $50 Bentley’s Gift Card & $50 New England Motorcycle Group Gift Card
Tie between Fred Leach & Peter Grace, who both had 1946 Indian Chiefs and are friends that ride together.

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Spring Fever Bike Show May 25 2024

"HOW COOL WAS THAT? Memorial Weekend 2024 The Spring Fever Bike Show - how cool is this? Ride in, park your bike, let people look at your bike, and ride out with a cool PBR trophy on the back!! Thanks to Big Moose Harley-Davidson a few of the guys who parked their bike won oil changes!! Then some lucky person won a cool PBR beach chair!! Why wouldn't you enter our shows?"


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